In Blaeser’s essay, she writes about how memories affected her life and how they created her. Also, she writes about how her life is registered on file in school and her Catholic Church. Her mixed ancestry creates her experiences and her  thoughts on memories.

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A screenshot from the very first installment  of the 2001 film “The Fast and the Furious”.


This movie sparked the car scene as after this movie the tuners were born. When I was little, I don’t recall what age but my father showed me this movie. In my opinion, it was the best idea he ever had. This movie made me fall in love with cars. The way that some of the cars in the movie were built and the sounds that the cars made when racing, made me truly realize what I love in life. The movie connects me with my father in a deep way as every new installment they add to the series, we immediately go see. I have seen all seven of the movies countless times, as I am not disappointed in none of them. I have endless memories of me and my dad either watching the film at the movies or at the comfort at our home. I remember one time not too long ago when “Furious 7” released. We had went to the drive in to watch it and we had a great time watching it. We had gotten some chicken wings and french fries to eat with the movie. Towards the end of the movie a lot of people (including me kinda lol) that were also watching the movie was crying because one of the main characters had went off on a separate path. The character “Brian O’Connor” known as Paul walker in real life went onto the separate path because he had died before the movie was released. The movie was made in dedication to him. When “Furious 8” releases in 2017, I will definitely be there to see it.