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In “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi, an author who taught english literature herself writes about her life as a whole and how women in Iran are being deteriorated as people, how they are mistreated, and how they are treated with inequality.

In the text, Nafisi expresses how women had to follow certain rules or otherwise being severely abused. Women like Sanaz had to wear items to cover their skin such as face masks or wraps. In addition, they had to have a certain posture, the women had to carry themselves in a different way while roaming the streets. Before Sanaz left the indoors she had to cover up her jewelry with a scarf, she placed gloves on her hands to cover the polish on her finger nails, and lastly she had to put on a robe to cover her orange shirt. In order to make sure the women follow the proper dress attire, there was a group of militia called “The Blood Of God”. This group roamed the streets to enforce the rules. If a woman was to break the rules such as not wearing a veil and exposing herself, she would be punished in a various amount of ways. Such as being incarcerated,flogged,or fined just to name some.

Novelists have contributed to revolutions by speaking out on world problems. Like creating ads, movies or even books to address the issues and maybe even offer some solutions.  For instance debaters debating in a competition sometimes write essays to speak on world problems and offer some possible solutions.

In conclusion, women in certain areas of the world are being treated unfairly, having no say against rules, and being cruely punished for breaking a rule.