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Beauty as the locus of female power:

Snow White

Snow White’s beauty is essential in the creating of her character. It was a huge part in her character because it showed how the dwarfs were amazed by how “beautiful” she looked. The Evil Queen became jealous of this because she had realized that there was someone who had risen to a higher level than her in beauty. Even after Snow White died, the dwarfs placed her in a glass coffin so that they themselves and other people could see her body in all its glory after she died.

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Princess Jasmine, Aladdin

Jasmine’s beauty attracted men from everywhere to marry her. Her father wanted her to get married as soon as possible, but Jasmine wanted to actually get married for love and not to make her father proud. Jasmine escapes the palace because she is trying to escape the reality of her having to marry someone so soon. When Jasmine went to the supermarket, the people there noticed how she was a princess because of how elegant she looked.

Aging & Loss

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Snow White

In the story, the queen made a magic cocktail that was supposed to make her younger. But after she drinks it her body changes immensely. “…queen’s hair turns white, her hands become gnarled with age (“Look, my hands!”), her voice turns into a throaty cackle (“My voice!”), and finally she emerges from under her dark cloak as a hunchbacked crone.” This scene is important because it symbolizes how ugly the queen became.

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Mother Gothel, Tangled

In Tangled, Mother Gothel needed Rapunzel to trust her so that she could use Rapunzel’s hair to make her young again. She speaks in a kind and loving tone to Rapunzel. Mother Gothel had been teasing Rapunzel in secret, manipulating her in a passive way in her songs, and showing her true personality, without Rapunzel realizing it. After every conversation, Mother Gothel tries to express love to Rapunzel to keep her happy by saying “I love you my flower, I love you more, I love you most.” Again she does this to trick Rapunzel into thinking she actually loves her when really she is just trying to make sure that Rapunzel stays in a happy mood so that she can rejuvenate herself.

Man Vs. Nature

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Snow White

In every version of Snow White, she has a battle within the woods , but in different ways. In this version, Snow White is shown running through the haunted woods away from the trees that want to get her. These obstacles make her face her fears and she identified with her true self as a princess and that she was hidden from the world.

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Marlin, Finding Nemo

In Finding Nemo, Marlin has to find his son Nemo. Nemo had been taken away by a fisherman and Marlin had to find him. But, Marlin has to travel through the vast ocean to try to find his son. While doing this, he has many things in the way of his path. For example, the deep abyss that him and Dory had to go in. Or the Shark (Bruce that tried to eat them). This is man vs. Nature because of the dangers he has to go through in order to get his son.

Parental Persecution & Abandonment

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Snow White

There is a lot of things in this story that shows off Parental Persecution/Abandonment. Such as, when the Evil Queen wants Snow White to die. The Evil Queen killed everyone that Snow White loved like her parents. She also locked her away someplace and made her serve as a maid. This action is symbolic of Parental Persecution because the Queen wants Snow White dead, She killed her parents, and she hid her away to serve as a maid.

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In Cinderella, She is adored by her father until he suddenly passes away, abandoned by the man who loves her unconditionally, and she falls under the sway of a family of narcissistic women. The fact that her father favored Cinderella, along with the fact that Cinderella is a beautiful woman, makes up their jealousy and conceited rage. So they begin to make fun of her, call her names, and treat her like a servant.

Survival When The Odds Aren’t In Your Favor

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Snow White

In the story, it had a happily ever after type ending. Snow White had a somewhat rough beginning. She had run away with no place to go, nobody to talk to, and nobody to look after her. She found the dwarves home and they allowed her to stay there. Despite all of this, Snow White had found her Prince and she gained back her royalty in the end.

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In Cinderella, She was able to succeed through perseverance and negative attitude throughout the Story. Cinderella had been wronged by her step family many times after her mother died. She was lucky enough to get many good fortunes one after another. She had a magical tree and a bird. She too had a happily ever after type of ending, She was able to find her a Prince and be happy in the end.

Generational Succession

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Snow White

In Snow White, Snow White was supposed to gain the royalty & fortune her father had. But she doesn’t obtain it so early on because of her stepmother. After the Queen (Stepmother) had killed Snow White’s father,  the Queen had taken the things Snow White was supposed to inherit. But then again in the ending she had obtained this because of her Prince finding her and doing his thing after she had eaten the Poisonous Apple.

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Simba, The Lion King

In The Lion King, Simba was the next in line to rule the Pride Lands. But after his father was killed by his uncle Scar, Scar  blamed the death on Simba. After this, the pride exiled Simba from the Pride Lands while scar takes over the land. But in the end Simba comes back to dethrone Scar and rule the land he was once supposed to have.

Work as Redemptive

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Snow White

In the story, Snow White and the 7 dwarves work in a cheerful and happy way. While working in the mines, sometimes the Dwarves sing or whistle. They always keep their home clean and themselves. Doing so they make sure the make the most out it in a positive way.

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Tiana, Princess and the Frog

In this story, Tiana relies on the phrase ” Hard work pays off”. She did not believe in anything else besides hard work. She thinks that in order to reach your goals, you must work for them. She had been working all her life to save money up to buy a building to create her very own restaurant out of. In the end of the movie, Tiana had her a prince and she had a restaurant that she had dreamed of since she was a little girl.