1. Write about a time where you made an unlikely connection.


In the beginning of my freshman year in high school, I didn’t want to associate with anyone that seemed immature to me [which is basically everyone here]. But, I met this one girl named Addea. She was acting like a freshman in their prime, making obnoxious jokes, yelling in the hallways for no absolute reason, and I thought she was flat-out weird for what she does. One day in my English class, she had complimented me on what was of my hair (I think). After that, I had complimented her back and we just started to conversing about things that were so relatable, my whole perspective on her changed. As we talked more, I started to understand why does what she does, why she wears what she wears, and why she talks to who she talks to. Through her, I made friends with here friends and now we are all a happy family I guess?

2. “The Fast and The Furious (2001)”


In the first few scenes of the film, Dom and Brian weren’t cool. Brian is an undercover police officer working on a case to find those that committed a crime. Brian goes to Torretto’s Market to get something to eat. While Brian is at the market, he flirts with Dom’s little sister Mia. Later into the scene, Vince comes along. Vince likes Mia and sees Brian talking to Mia. So, Vince started fighting Brian and Dom came to end the fight. At the end of the scene, Dom says to Brian “Brian Earl Spilner. Sounds like a serial killer. Is that what you are? Don’t come around here again.” Later on into the movie, Brian saves Dom from getting arrested by the police. After Brian saves Dom, they manage to become best friends throughout the franchise. This happened because Brian basically saved Dom from going back to prison, so Dom felt as if he owed him. By repaying him, Brian manages to join Dom and his “family” and they became friends when it seemed as if in the beginning they didn’t even wanna talk to each other.

3. Describe the irony of millennials expressing anxiety about real life social situations.


Millennials are anxious to talk to people in real life because they’re so used to doing it over the phone. Like take me for an example, when I get in a one on one conversation with a person in real life, I tend to freeze up because I don’t know how to keep a conversation going. But if this conversation was on the phone for example, texting. I would be able to have a long deep conversation with that person because I’m so used to talking to people over the phone and not in person.

4. Who are five people you’d invite to a dinner party? Describe the conversations you’d like to have with each of them.


Image result for paul walker

Paul Walker (Actor)


Agent 00 (YouTuber)

Image result for michael jordan

Michael Jordan (Basketball Player)

Image result for floyd mayweather

Floyd Mayweather (Boxer)

Image result for 21 savage

21 Savage (Rapper)

Basically I would ask these people what made them select the choice to do what they’re doing. I would ask them what’s their passion in life. I would ask them if the had any other careers they had in mind. I would ask them who is their idol or who they look up too. I would ask them what are their hobbies/pastimes. Lastly, I would ask them how they became successful and if they thought their path was rough or easy.

5. What are two other examples of fun/ organic/ normal experiences being commercialized?


– A person working with another person on a movie project and their boss says that they have to be friends toward each other or they won’t get paid.

– Two people going out on a date because others are pressuring them to date because they would look like a “cute couple”.

6. Write a short poem to, or in honor of your smart phone. Include the following: metaphor, simile, personification and onomatopoeia.


My phone is an amazing creation.

It must be taken care of, you must charge it before it dies.

It can change my mood in a click.

I remember when I first got a phone,

I was addicted to it like a 9-year-old with candy.

My phone can be bad at times,

It traps me so that I can waste time.

I think because of the saying,

Time is money.

My phone is an amazing creation, although

It has its pros and cons.

My phone is an amazing creation,

but it makes me waste so much time.

7. Discuss how access to smart phone technology might have caused a major historical event to have a different outcome.


If smartphones were how they were now back then, events such as 9/11 would have went down entirely different. I believe that instead of many people trying to get the hijackers off the airplane, they would be trying to video record it and publish it on social media. Maybe some might help, but I think most of them will not.  The hijackers would’ve accomplished what they’ve wanted to do, such as destroying the pentagon, destroying the twin towers, and damaging whatever else they wanted to damage.

9. Identify a sentence from the text that contains quoted material. Diagram the sentence by underlining the name of the person being quoted, boxing the attributive tag and circling all punctuation marks.

For young people, said Aliza Kline, the executive director of OneTable, Its a little countercultural to have a home­based meal these days.”